#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2018

It’s that time of year again!

This is my favourite time of year, and I am already very excited to share my favourite challenge here on @craftblogclub with you all for another year!

The #CraftBlogClub Secret Santacraftblogclub-badge

If you have taken part in the #CraftBlogClub Secret Santa in any of the previous years I am sure you will want to be involved again. For those of you who haven’t, you’re in for a treat! Whether you have taken part in previous years or not, please read the following:

Here are the rules:

If you want to take part, I would like to make the request that you please come and participate in at least some of the chats, this is a bit of festive fun for people involved in #CraftBlogClub and it is not fair on those who participate, if you do not follow through in posting about the Secret Santa at the same times as everyone else.

Please email me at craftblogclub@gmail.com and include the following:

  • Your Twitter @ name
  • Your name and postal address
  • Your contact email address
  • Whether you are willing (and able) to post internationally

Please email me by 8pm on Monday 5th November. I will then email everyone back with the name and address of the person you are making a gift for before our chat on Tuesday 6th November.

*Any names and addresses provided will only be kept for this

purpose and subsequently deleted*

You then make that person a Christmas gift – this can be anything you like, it can be a great opportunity to share something you have made, though this is encouraged, it is NOT obligatory.

There have been instances over the last couple of years, where people have not sent a gift, which of course means that someone does not receive anything. IF you cannot send your gift in time, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE OF THE SEND DATE. 

Also, I will tweet you to check in a week before the send date, just to keep communication open. I am almost always online, do please get in touch if you have any problems!

This is not a battle of skills, this is a fun chance to share something nice with another person involved with the chat. Do not worry if you feel that you are not “good enough” to take part – the gifts from previous years have been extremely diverse and varied. Gifts do not have to be Christmas or craft themed, though of course trying to find out what your partner may like is half the fun!

It would be lovely for everyone to receive their gift in time for Christmas, therefore we have set a deadline of Tuesday 18th December.

Make sure you include a note or Christmas card revealing who you are.

Then comes the fun part! We all receive a special (handmade) Christmas gift from our Secret Santa!

As is the norm, we then ask that you write a blog post about the gift you made, and of course the wonderful gift you receive, in time for our first chat of the new year which will be Tuesday 8th January! If you’re not a blogger, it would be nice to at least share on social media, and tag the appropriate people!

If you’d like to share that you are taking part on your blog or social media before this, feel free, though remember this is a SECRET santa, so *No Spoilers!* Use the #CraftBlogClub and also #CraftBlogClubSS2018

I look forward to receiving your email by 8pm Monday 5th Nov.

Enjoy making and receiving your special #craftblogclub gift.

5 thoughts on “#CraftBlogClub Secret Santa 2018

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